IQMapReceiver for Epix & Fenix 3

Waypoint example

Have you ever found yourself navigating with your smartphone while you really would have rather used that cool wrist-worn GPS device, but you forgot to upload the waypoint beforehand?
No more embarrassing moments like that, because now there is IQMapReceiver.

IQMapReceiver is a tool to send waypoints from a phone (Android) to a Garmin Fenix 3 or Epix via Bluetooth. It is a combination of a phone app and a Connect IQ app.

The idea is that you copy a waypoint from within OSMand+ or Google Maps on the phone, paste it into the app, enter a name for it, and send it to the wrist-worn Garmin device.

OSMAnd+ waypoint

The phone app is a bit rough. I could not manage the copy & paste part (but that may not mean much; I find copy & paste the hardest thing you can do on a touchscreen, in any app). I typed the coordinates as latitude: 47.819, longitude: 9.40225 in the IQMapReceiver app, and entered a name, even with a special character in it. It is much easier to name a waypoint on a phone than on a Fenix 3.

Enter waypoint info in phone app

I had installed the IQMapReceiver app before on the Fenix 3 (via Garmin Connect Mobile) and started the app. “Fenix 3 Connected OK” was shown on the screen.

After tapping on “Send to device” the waypoint was almost instantly there on the Fenix 3, neatly converted to degrees and minutes. The only thing left to do, was correcting the elevation.

Because a waypoint named “Höchsten” should of course honor its name: 838 meters.

IQMapReceiver app on fenix 3

Use cases listed by the app’s authors on the Fenix 3 Facebook page include:
– You are on a trip and forget to install all required waypoints via basecamp in advance
– you are in a new city and want to navigate to a restaurant found with Google on your wrist, not using your mobile phone
To which I have to add: You probably don’t have Basecamp, because you use only Linux.

IQMapReceiver works without an active internet connection.

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